Motivational Storytelling by Eric Donoho


Comments from Audience Members

  • "Eric put a new face on disability and how some disabilities aren't visible. I appreciate his "rawness" and authenticity. I applaud his bravery in sharing so much of his life with complete strangers."  
  • "Eric was a great speaker. He was very engaged and relatable to everyone in the audience. I would have liked to see more of his photos. Maybe have a few minutes to see some of his work on the slides at the end. I liked the raffle idea also!"  
  • "I thought this was a great event. I actually wish my kids (18 and 23 years old) were there to hear it. I attempted to recall some of the critical points and repeat them to my children. I admire not only the service to our Country but also the bravery it takes to discuss your very personal experiences out in the open with the goal of helping another person. I loved it, please keep doing this! Thank you."  
  • "Eric gave personal experiences to bring listeners in about the war and made parts relatable to the audience (cancer, fertility issues, fears of public speaking, etc. are things many can relate to. Perfect balance to engage." 



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